“Never fear. Gaylord’s is here!”

Jack Grey
Thanks for fixing the air conditioning in my '86 Honda. Still works!
Carol Fowler
Thank you for taking good care of our little "Snow". It drives beautifully and looks it. A Special thank you for delivering it. You all are the best!
Shannon P
Thank you for taking such good care of me & my car!
Gary and Cathy McKenna
Dear Gaylord Management and Staff, We have for some time enjoyed the great service at Gaylord's. We are writing today to thank you for a recent experience that certainly goes above and beyond expectations. After leaving our Honda Odyssey at Gaylord's to have the ABS warning light checked out, we were informed that we needed nearly $1,800 in repairs to the ABS system. While still recovering from the shock, we were also told that the parts that needed to be replaced had been damaged by a previous front-end accident. Steve was the technician who reported this to Dana. The information was then properly documented on the repair ticket. Dana also offered to take pictures of the parts for us with her personal camera, before they were removed. Shen then emailed the pictures to us. She also agreed to let us borrow the parts in question, in case our  insurance company needed to see them. Thanks to the efforts of Steve and Dana, we had the supporting documentation and physical evidence to convince our insurance company to pay for the repair, even though the accident that caused the eventual failure occurred several years ago. We are so grateful to Gaylord's, and especially to Steve and Dana, for going that extra mile to inform of this situation, and for helping us to document it. It is so satisfying to do business with a company that has our best interests at heart! A very rare hing, especially in the auto repair business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lisa Hochtritt & Dave Gaylor
Thanks for taking such good care of us and our cars this year!
Jim Hinson
It's great to deal with a man of honor who keeps his word. People with integrity are difficult to find these days.
Dan Bonds
Just wanted to thank you for taking care of the cost for the damage to the front bumper or my 1994 Honda Accord. Lawson's did a very nice job. I value the honesty and work I receive from Gaylords. The car has 172,000 miles and I expect to add several thousand more on it, so I will be seeing you in the future.
Denver Post
Lynn Gamble